Running Vocabularies (Latin and Greek); Grammar and Vocabulary Tests from Terry Bird

From Terry Bird…

I have finished Tacitus Annals IV Group 1, Virgil Aeneid XII Group 3 and Group 4, Catullus Group 3, Cicero Pro Cluentio (Murder at Larinum) Group 1.

I have finished Thucydides VI Group 1 and Group 2, Homer Odyssey 1 Group 3, Odyssey 6 Group 4 and am starting on Sophocles Ajax, and will move on to Plato Symposium Group 1.

Free Latin program

I am offering one of my Latin programs. This gives complete testing of verbs and nouns, and an easy way to acquire Latin vocabulary at an AS Plus level.

The link is this: –

For some the download is very easy, others need to turn off antivirus, Windows Defender etc. for a short while. Definitely no viruses. I am interested in feedback.