School Direct Latin/Classics Teacher Training Liverpool


Apply for the School Direct programme jointly run through Hope University and Liverpool College – an innovative new route into teaching, which enables schools to take a leading role in Initial Teacher Training (ITT).

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2 places are available for Classics/Latin for September 2017 through the School Direct teacher training programme which allows postgraduate trainees to work closely with a school to gain a teaching qualification, while still having the benefits of university support and study.

If you choose to train with Liverpool College School Direct Alliance, you will participate in the PGCE programme offered by Liverpool Hope University, having your subject training delivered by specialist tutors, whilst your professional development will be provided in school by experienced teachers from across the alliance. You will also have the opportunity to take part in PGCE conferences and other events organised by Liverpool Hope University. We feel that this mixture gives our trainees the best of both worlds.

Our trainees will have two placement schools – a ‘home’ school and an ‘away’ school. You will spend the majority of the year working in your ‘home’ school and then approximately six weeks in your ‘away’ school. This gives you the chance to form strong links with both staff and pupils in your ‘home’ placement, so that you are genuinely part of the school community. The ‘away’ school forms a contrast, giving you wider experience.