Teaching Scholarship: a CATB training day for teachers of A-level Class Civ

Saturday 29th June

From the Classical Association…

The requirement that pre-Universiy students engage with modern scholarship on aspects of the classical world is a feature of the current OCR A-Level Classical Civilisation specifications in the United Kingdom. This training session intends to support teachers as they plan and deliver this new and frequently challenging element.

The event will include sessions delivered by leading academics on each of the A Level module choices. Attendees will be able to choose a pathway through the day that is entirely relevant to their own school context. There will also be workshops led by schoolteachers, focusing on ways to deliver scholarship to students, and how to train them to make use of it in their own work.

Confirmed speakers:

World of the Hero (Aeneid) – Sharon Marshall
Imperial Image – Shushma Malik
Invention of the Barbarian – Lynette Mitchell
Greek Art – Robin Osborne
Greek Theatre – Edith Hall
Democracy and the Athenians – Robin Osborne
Love and Relationships -Liz Gloyn
Greek Religion – Esther Eidinow
Politics and the Late Republic – Kathryn Tempest

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