The Association for Latin Teaching annual Summer School

The Association for Latin Teaching annual Summer School
30 July – 3 August 2018.

Booking closes soon.

£300 (or reductions for first-timers and PGCE teacher trainees).

Uppingham School

Details on the website below.
Option Groups list below.
Application form attached.

Option Group descriptions
Choose 1 numbered topic from each of the 4 option groups A-D.

Group A
1. Classroom drama / illustrated worksheets: Sarah Parnaby

2. Cambridge Latin Course Book 1: Helen Lowe

3. OCR GCSE Verse (Aeneid IV & VI): Sam Baddeley

4. OCR A level Greek (Thucydides): Hilary Walters

5. OCR A level Classical Civilisation (Aeschylus’ Persians): Fiona Gow

6. Latin Prose Composition: John Hazel

7. Brush up your Greek: Pat Bunting


Group B
1. Read it right (Latin): John Hazel

2. Cambridge Latin Books 3-4: Steven Hunt

3. OCR A level Latin verse (Aeneid VIII): Lauren Douglas

4. Historical linguistics for teaching Greek: Ana Henderson

5. A Level Greek Religion: Rachael Hopley

6. Reading Book group: Linda Soames

7. Brush up your Latin: Peter Geall

Group C
1. Information Technology in Latin teaching: Steven Hunt

2. Prep / Common Entrance Latin: James Tuck

3. WJEC set texts: Lynda Goss & Liz Scott

4. OCR GCSE Greek (Herodotus): Laura Beech

5. Reading hexameters aloud: Hilary Walters

6. New Testament Greek: Sarah Bourne

7. Latin unseen translation technique: Sian Foster


Group D
1. Classics for SEND pupils: Emily Rushton

2. Ancient Astronomy linking with Cambridge Latin Course Book 2: Phil Harper

3. OCR A level Latin prose (Tacitus): Alison Henshaw

4. Antigone: John Hazel

5. OCR A level Classical Civilisation (Odyssey): Martin Gibson

6. Medieval Latin poetry: Nigel Coulton