The Greek Project, Greek Study Tour Holidays with Intellectual Bite

Adventures in Greek Language: The Greek Project,  Greek Study Tour Holidays with Intellectual Bite

Dates:  Sunday 23 to Sunday 30 August 2020

Venue: Xanthi, Thrace.

Cost : £890.00 


1. Higher Elementary : some modern Greek language grounding including standard verbs,  preferably two years or more in class, or similar
2. Conversations in Greek (Higher Intermediate): some degree of comfort with modern Greek language structure, reading short texts, and ability to have conversations on different subjects

Course Leaders; Ellie Stagoni,  Virginia Villioti

Organisation:  both classes will run simultaneously in the morning (partly in class, but also in part outside, practising our Greek in the town itself!) and with Ellie and Virginia swapping classes as appropriate, thus giving more variety and challenge!  (Plus more free time in the afternoons! )

Other key aspects included in the cost;  

  • transport to and from Salonika airport to Xanthi
  • accommodation in a lovely local 4 star hotel, breakfast included
  • a day out for all participants 
  • other cultural and culinary goodies, talks, walks etc
  • three splendid lunch or evening meals 
  • Non-Greek language partners also welcome and for them (if they require), co-director Mark, leading off on some local tours in the mornings, or for the day.

For full details go to the Greek Project website and click on Adventures in Greek, where  you can express an interest by submitting the form on that page!