‘The Virtual Reality Oracle’ – Professor Esther Eidinow and Dr Richard Cole (Bristol)

Monday 3rd October, 7pm – Professor Esther Eidinow and Dr Richard Cole (Bristol) ‘The Virtual Reality Oracle’

What was it like to consult the ancient Greek gods? What questions did people ask? What advice were they given? For centuries, ancient Greek men and women visited oracular sanctuaries—sacred sites where they could ask the gods to reveal secrets of the past, present and future. The Virtual Reality Oracle (VRO) brings to life the stories of several pilgrims as they visit the oracle of Zeus at Dodona in northwest Greece circa 465 BCE. Come and hear members of the team behind the VRO discuss how they went about reconstructing the experiences of visitors to Dodona, and what questions they hope to answer using virtual reality. The VRO is led by Professor Esther Eidinow at the University of Bristol, in collaboration with academics at University of Bristol, the University of Bath, and Kings College London; the VR was created in collaboration with Friday Sundae Studios. The project is funded by the AHRC. Image: a priestess of Zeus from the Virtual Reality Oracle experience.

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All talks will be held at Badminton School, Peace Memorial Hall. Talks are not recorded. Please email Barbara Bell () to register. There are no tickets, and talks are free for Bristol Classical Association members, students, and school pupils. There will be a cost of £5 for visitors. Refreshments available from 6.30pm.