TimeTravelRome: a New App!

News of a new App! Android and iPhone!

We are happy to introduce to you TimeTravelRome – a  mobile / digital solution for Roman history & literature students and teachers.

TimeTravelRome is a unique mobile / tablet app covering thousands of monuments and places of the Roman Empire & hundreds of ancient texts. Roman sites and monuments are located on the map together with an up-to-date description & recommendations on “what to see there” today. The app also includes hundreds of classic texts with geographic places indexed – all these places are located on the map.

This app could become a very useful learning & teaching tool for Classics & History students and teachers: it is very complete, modern, easy-to-use and it’s up-to-date. The content is being updated regularly, as hundreds of new sites are added every few weeks.

Creators of TimeTravelRome are eager to make the app useful for Classics teachers and students. For example, if any particular text or a site is missing, it can be added upon e-mail request so that the app would fit any particular class’ program.

The description of the app is available on www.timetravelrome.com, and the app is available for both Apple and Android devices on the App- and the PlayStore.

Requests can be addressed to contact@timetravelrome.com, or discussed here (Roman, the author of the app, was accepted as member of The Classics Library; his username is TimeTravelRome).

Please feel free to send your queries to the authors of the app, test it, or share your feedback, which will be very much appreciated.