UCL Summer School 2018: Sermonis Latini Peritia atque Doctrina & De Europææ Britanniæ Litteris Latinis

UCL Summer School 2018

Sermonis Latini Peritia atque Doctrina & De Europææ Britanniæ Litteris Latinis

Application deadline May 2018

The UCL Summer School is this year offering two three-week intensive Latin modules fully imparted in Latin by UCL Senior Teaching Fellow and accomplished Latin speaker A. Gratius Avitus.

The Session 1 (Mon 2 Jul – Fri 20 Jul 2018) Module «Latin Usage: Idiomatic Proficiency and Teaching» will focus on the fine nuances of classical Latin usage, providing both the practical and the academic tools to identify, analyse, evaluate, and replicate, classical Latin idiom, registers and styles, not only through direct work on model classical works selected (Terence, Cicero, Virgil) alongside their various Latin commentators (Donatus, Macrobius, Servius), but also in the light of the latest scholarship in the subject (Dickey & Chahoud). It will further aim to develop skills and resources to teach Latin usage effectively, following the natural method (Ørberg) and the communicative approach (Harmer).

The Session 2 (Mon 23 Jul – Fri 10 Aug 2018) Module «The Latin Literature of European Britain» will provide a thorough hands-on introduction to the magnificent heritage of British Latin literature and its constituent importance as part of the wider European culture conveyed in Latin. It will provide an overview of periods and genres (Ijsewijn, Lapidge, Rigg), and dwell on detailed commentary and discussion of specific key texts (Monmouth, More, Francis Bacon), for familiarisation with both form (linguistic quality, specificities, style) and content (legend, history, politics, philosophy, science), additionally turning to epistolary correspondance for further exploration of the enriching connections cultivated by British scholars, monarchs, philosophers and scientists, with their continental counterparts (e.g. More with Erasmus).

These are undergraduate credit bearing modules (each constituting a UCL 0.5 course unit, i.e. 15 UK credits, 7.5 European ECTS, or 4 US credits) but they are open to all, including Latin teachers seeking training in active use of Latin as a way to improve efficiency in teaching, and Latin researchers and scholars eager to develop the skills to delve into the texts in their original language. Courses like this abundantly exist abroad, but they consitute a first in the UK.
As has been variously shown (cf. for instance «guest speakers» at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/classics/study/undergraduate/teachingprojects/Living-Latin-Workshop/Index), passive knowledge of the language should allow participants to follow the course with confidence from the start, and the 45 hours of language immersion per module will put committed participants in a position successfully to pursue the coursework and complete the assessment in Latin.

The UCL Summer School is expected to bring together an international gathering of committed Latinists. To apply please visit:http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/study-abroad-ucl/summer-school/your-application