Update on the MASSOLIT Collection

MASSOLIT Classics Collection

Now 579 lectures across 88 courses covering the history, literature, culture, philosophy and languages of Ancient Greece and Rome!

MASSOLIT Classics Collection consists of short video lectures designed and delivered by senior academics from top universities (including Oxford and Cambridge). Ideal for classroom use, independent research, and preparing students for higher education.

“We use MASSOLIT, particularly for the teaching of A Level Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. The concise nature of the videos, combined with their organisation into particular themes or topics is especially appealing. We use them in our lessons when we introduce our students to new set texts or new ideas. For example, I used some of the Ancient Sparta videos when introducing my Year 11 Greek class to Plutarch, my first homework assignment for the Lower Sixth Latinists was to watch some of the lectures on the ‘Pro Milone’ and similarly, I asked the Upper Sixth Greeks students to watch the ‘Antigone’ lectures in preparation for their study of this tragedy…” Andrew James, Head of Classics, Guildford High School

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MASSOLIT also provides collections in English Literature, History, Psychology, Government and Politics, and Philosophy. Each subject collection is available as a separate subscription.

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