Using Ancient Athenian Inscriptions in the classroom at KS 1, 2, 3 and GCSE and A-level Classical Civilisation and Ancient History

The Classical Association Teaching Board, with Classics for All and the British School at Athens, is delighted to present a unique CPD event on Ancient Athenian Inscriptions in UK Collections.

Among the most enduring habits of the ancient world was the inscription of public and private documents on stone and other hard surfaces. From ancient Athens alone there survive some 20,000 inscriptions written on stone; they are deeply informative about all aspects of ancient public and private life, culture, society, politics and diplomacy.

The AHRC-sponsored Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections project, hosted on the Attic Inscriptions Online website, is developing editions, translations and notes on the ca. 225 Attic Inscriptions in UK collections. Its Attic Inscriptions Online – YouTube channel is developing a series of videos aimed at a wide audience interested in the inscriptions of ancient Athens. Later this year we will launch the Attic Inscriptions: Education (AIE) part of the AIO website. This brings together resources based on research designed to support teachers of classical subjects at all pre-18 levels, designed to be of relevance to the KS 1 and KS 2 national curriculum, to be of interest to those teaching KS 3 and to address aspects of the specifications for GCSE and A-level Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

This event — aimed at those interested in the teaching of ancient history and classical civilisation at a pre-18 level — discusses the uses of Attic inscriptions in pre-18 education. We focus on the textual and visual potential of inscriptions for those engaged with learning about ancient Greek history and civilisation. The idea of an inscription being carved and read “in real life” is a way of fostering the curiosity of students about the past. We hope that introducing students at pre-18 level to inscriptions will encourage them to explore ancient source material of their own accord, and will help them to “bridge the gap” into University study if they decide to pursue it.

Guest speakers and discussants include Polly Low (University of Durham), Chris de Lisle (University of Durham/Oxford), Robert Pitt (Athens), Karen Stears (Devonport High School for Boys), Anne Wright (Woodbridge), Charlie Andrew (Classics for All), Athina Mitropoulos (Queen’s Gate School), Julietta Steinhauer (UCL), Sharon Marshall (University of Exeter), April Pudsey (Manchester Metropolitan University), Rob Hancock-Jones (Townley Grammar School), Liam Holian (Weaverham High School), Sophie Evans (Pimlico Academy), Esther Hyde (Downham Market Academy), Kat Mawford (Pimlico), Matt Ingham (University of Manchester).

For further details and to register (there is a £5 registration charge), please follow this link:

Ancient Athenian Inscriptions in UK Collections: Classical Association CPD Tickets, Sat 5 Jun 2021 at 10:00 | Eventbrite Eventbrite – Dr Peter Liddel presents Ancient Athenian Inscriptions in UK Collections: Classical Association CPD – Saturday, 5 June 2021 – Find event and ticket information.