Learn Latin at Camulodunum!

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Oct 8

Learn Latin at Camulodunum!

8 October 2022

From George Sharpley… Dear you all, Anyone living a short chariot ride from Camulodunum can come and learn the language of our civilised invaders, the Romans, on Saturday 8th October. If you live further up among the Iceni you’re probably a bit rough for my taste; but by all means come, though please do try to keep an orderly queue. Latin for Beginners is a day-course for real beginners. You’re welcome too if you’re not new to Latin, but no previous knowledge is needed. Come and have some fun, and make new discoveries! You’ll have an introduction to how the language works, and discover all sorts of things about English too, with so many Latin words at the root of English ones. Last but not least, you’ll get to hear some of the great works read aloud. Details and enrolment I will be your guide that day. Leave your weapons at the gate. With best wishes George ___________________ GDA Sharpley The LATIN QVARTER