Hellene Travel

A message from Sarah and John at Hellene Travel. They are working hard to get in touch with so many loyal customers, but in the meantime…

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Dear All,

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we have been forced to accept the Liquidation of Hellene Travel.

You will in due course receive an official notification but we wish to write to you personally – you’ve been with us a long time.

Although we relinquished ownership of Hellene ten years ago we have remained, as Consultants, heavily invested emotionally.

Our intention, 21 years ago, was to make Classical Travel more accessible and more relevant to more pupils, always to be Teacher led. “Tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of syllabus, budget and stamina”.

Despite often feeling as Horatio at the Bridge (particularly in the last couple of years), on the whole, we think we were successful. Unfortunately, this time, the combined forces of a Worldwide Pandemic and the vagaries of Corporate Investment have defeated us.

Although personally devastated at the demise of Hellene, we must remember the almost thirty staff redundancies within the Company and the incalculable consequences for our longstanding friends abroad; Agents, Hoteliers, Coach Drivers, Taverna owners, waitresses, bar tenders, cleaners – and their extended families.   

To you, our Teachers – Thank you. We’ve made some incredible friendships and you’ve taught us so much.

Your messages of support since Covid-19 took hold have both nurtured and reduced us to tears. We believed we could endure, we are sorry to have failed you.

Now to practise what we preach πάθει μάθος – is that a Phoenix we see, flickering on the horizon?

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay in Touch.

Sarah and John