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Oxford Latinitas Online Latin Summer Schools

18 July - 5 August

Booking is now open for Oxford Latinitas online Latin Summer Schools. This year there are two successive Sessions, each consisting of 16 hours of teaching, so that students can progress through two levels if they wish. Session I: Monday 18th to Wednesday 27th July Session II: Thursday 28th July to Friday 5th August. All classes will be taught using the Active Method, which means that the target language is the main language of the classroom. To accommodate global time-zones, classes will take place from 5-7pm and 10pm-midnight UK time, by video-conference. Five levels are available:
  1. Absolute beginners
  2. Pre-intermediate
  3. Intermediate I
  4. Intermediate II
  5. Advanced.
Levels 1-4 will use Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata (Part I, Familia Romana, and Part II, Roma Aeterna), while the top level will read original Latin texts. All students who are new to Oxford Latinitas will have a 1:1 pre-course diagnostic conversation with an experienced teacher, to ensure that every student is placed in the right class.All Familia Romana / Roma Aeterna courses will be taught in both time-slots. The advanced Latin classes are available only in the 5-7 pm slot.Prices:
  • one session: £320
  • both sessions: £575 (10% discount).
For further information, and to sign up, click Oxford Latinitas Scholae Aestivae. Best wishes Dr Melinda LettsTutor in Latin and Ancient Greek Languages, Jesus College, Oxford Lecturer in Classics, Harris Manchester College, Oxford Senior Member, Oxford Ancient Languages Society Chair, Oxford Latinitas


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